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Control Valve provides a quiet solution to oil pipeline problems

Tomoe Valve supplied 6 pieces of its DTM rotary control valve range to a major oil company operating in the Far East.
The DTM valves were fitted to the pipeline from the oil storage tanks to the oil tanker and handled kerosene, crude oil and jet fuel.
Prior to the installation, this company had been experiencing major problems from the combination of parallel sided gate valves and double offset butterfly valves previously used on the pipeline. These produced unacceptably high levels of noise at 95 dBA and they gave insufficient control at the 0 – 30 degree opening position.
The replacement DTM rotary control valves feature Tomoe’s latest anti-cavitation technology that provides accurate control and low noise even at high velocities.
The new DTM valves, fitted with a cavitation breaker, have successfully reduced noise levels by 10 dBA and flow control has been greatly improved by the DTM’s wide rangeability characteristic of 100:1.
The Tomoe DTM rotary control valves were manufactured with cast steel valve bodies with 316SS internals and were operated by double acting and spring return actuators.

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