More than 60 years have passed since Tomoe Valve, saw in the future potential of butterfly valves, and developed this valve for the first time in Japan.
We believe that our business, which began with the sales of different types of rubber sheet, is constantly evolving with rotary control types with outstanding control characteristics, high performance valves that can be used from high temperatures and high pressures to cryogenic temperatures. This is a testament to the fact that we are constantly responding to the needs of our customers.
Our mission is to become a company that is trusted by our customers by further expanding the technologies we have cultivated so far, making use of our experience and know-how, looking ahead to change, and continuing to provide new value to our customers.
To that end, it is essential to always consider “market needs”.

Now and in the past, this is the attitude of Tomoe Valve. To listen to our customers, to draw out and discover their needs.
This accumulation of knowledge is the architecture of the current Tomoe Valve.
Today’s valve industry is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, with the rapid globalization of markets and customers.
In addition, the needs, specifications, and performance vary greatly depending on the country, region, and industry.
The way that we can bring superior valves to the world, it is important to continue to be a creative company that continues to think of new ideas.
We believe that this is the only way we can contribute to our customers.

From the Japanese brand “Tomoe Valve” to the global brand “TOMOE”.

Let’s look forward to our future challenges.

Akitoshi Yamamoto
Chairman & CEO